About Me

Flinging myself off a rock in Capri
I'm one of the few Kiwis who doesn't get a buzz from rugby. Probably because I'm rubbish at sports in general and would much rather see a good play.

At the start of 2011, terrified of turning 25 without having achieved anything, I wrote a Quarter Life Crisis Bucket List and manipulated my partner into uprooting and moving to London so we could have a better base camp to start on it.

Living on the other side of the planet taught me all sorts of Life Lessons. I wrote them all down here so you can learn from my most embarrassing fails.

Working full-time while travelling is a challenge, but  it's an adrenaline rush too! I aim to make things a little easier for the next person by recording all the tips and tricks here that I wish I'd known before I left sunny Aotearoa.

Nearly two years after arriving in London, I came home to New Zealand in search of new inspiration. And would you believe it, this exercise-phobe is now working in marketing for a large group fitness company!

I love my job, but every night I still dream about travel. So my next trip is never very far away, and in the meantime I'm continuing to write about travel here and for various websites and magazines.

I hope you enjoy browsing The Antipodean, and love hearing from readers so please feel free to get in touch.