Sunday, June 17, 2012

Provence Roadtrip (in Photos)

Driving around the south of France has always been a dream for me. And I only ended up on the wrong side of the road three times!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, by my calculations, this post is about 18,000 words long... for the first time, I'm letting the pictures do the talking.

First sighting of Carcassonne, the only stop on our roadtrip that's not actually in Provence

Castel Chambres, the 13th centry castle we stayed in just outside Carcassonne

The Roman amphitheatre in Nîmes

Maison Carrée, built c. 16 BC

Pont du Gard, the tallest Roman aqueduct

The Papal Palace, from the 125 years when Avignon took over from the Vatican as the seat of the Pope

Inside the cathedral at the Papal Palace

A random field of poppies near Gordes. Also the only place those socks will ever be camouflaged.

Sénanque Abbey, built in the 12th century.  It was Sunday morning, so the monks were singing

The view from Gordes

Gordes itself, moments after I fell in love with it

Flag in Vauvenargues, with Mt Saint-Victoire (Cézanne's mountain) in the background.


  1. BEAUTIFUL - a picture really does tell a 1000 words - can only imagine what it was like hearing the Monks on a Sunday morning - what a memory!

  2. Thanks Julia - glad you liked it!