Friday, March 25, 2011

Review: Lady Gaga

Our last night in Vegas was insane! When we first booked tickets to Celine, I looked up other gigs and concerts in town at the same time. Oh, you know, no one special, just GAGA at the MGM Grand!!

Meeting Gaga backstage. Kinda.

We had been gutted to miss her show in Auckland so were stoked to catch the tail end of the Monster Ball tour in Las Vegas. She was supported by the Scissor Sisters, who were awesome in their own right, and a crazy DJ up first who drank an entire bottle of Jack Daniels during her 20 min set. That's gotta hurt.

We had an amazing spot about eight people back from the stage, in the standing room only space where only the most die hard fans with no personal space boundaries ever get near the front.

My Gaga get-up.

A South American guy in front of us couldn't handle it. He kept shoving me every time I brushed him the slightest bit. He was convinced that I was trying to push in front of him. I couldnt convince him that, no, I was just getting shoved from behind and was unable to shelter his majesty completely.

Eventually he moved and stood in front of Paul. Within five minutes he scowled at Paul for "breathing right near him". Soon afterwards he had a hissy fit, called Paul a faggot and an asshole and stormed off. This, of all places, at a Lady Gaga concert!

Soon afterwards he started another fight and made a girl cry. We felt vindicated, and offered to be witnesses if they needed help getting him kicked out.

Despite the less than ideal start, Mother Monster was amazing. Watching her do Born This Way acoustic was particularly cool. I now understand what people mean when they talk about her giving everything at a show - she came across as honest and authentic.

This is our best photo, but not really the best view. Most of the time she was just in front of us.

After the show, we gambled at Luxor (the Pyramid), Excalibur and New York New York until 3am.

We doubled our money. That's right, $5 became $10 baby! Oceans Eleven eat your heart out.


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