Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Idina Menzel

I've been a fan of Idina Menzel since the day I first heard Rent.

I've seen clips of her performing live before and been, well, unimpressed. Sometimes she's flat, and other times she forgets the words. Actually there are quite a few clips to choose from for either of those situations!

But I'm a big enough fan that when I heard about her concert at the Royal Albert Hall, there was no question that I'd be there!

And I have to say, watching her perform reminded me why I love her. She wasn't only pitch-perfect and word-remembering, she was also passionate, funny and controlled. Her chatty interludes between songs were informal and endearingly self-deprecating. It was hilarious hearing her talk about having food thrown at her while performing at a bar mitsvah, and being snubbed by Barbra Streisand after singing for her at a tribute concert.

The highlight of the night (and my month) was hearing her do Defying Gravity. And not the sappy pop version. The proper, unlimited-including full original version in all its theatrical glory.

I can go to bed content, knowing that I was lucky enough to see Idina at her best, in a venue she calls "the most beautiful theatre she's ever performed in".

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  1. I'll never forget us sitting in your car belting out Defying Gravity together...