Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review: American Idiot

One sentence summary: High energy rock musical based on the Green Day concept album of the same name.

Trivia: Billie Joe Armstrong (the lead singer of Green Day) does regular performances in the role of St Jimmy. He wrote all the music, and a lot of the script.

Best thing about it: Tom Kitt (of Next to Normal) has done an unreal job of the orchestrations. He took the heart of Green Day's music and managed to capture it in a whole new way that could only be experienced on stage. The sound is incredible. Watch the clip below.

We left thinking: "This show got right what Spiderman got wrong. It's simple, doesn't try too hard, and has turned unlikely source material into an absolute standout performance. It was about a hundred times better than we expected."

Verdict:  Better than the sum of its parts. 8 / 10

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