Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: Ghost: The Musical

One Sentence Summary: dire sounding adaptation of the classic 90s movie that's actually not bad!

Trivia: The screenwriter for the movie also wrote the book for the show. The guy who wrote the music has never written a show before, but has worked in the music business forever.

Best thing about it: The show actually has heart, they don't skip the tender moments for flashy numbers like some movie adaptations. The soundtrack was good, there were quite a few memorable songs. Also the special effects are worth noting. (how on earth did they make him disappear like that??)

What they could change: The Demi Moore role develops well in Act I but gets boring in Act II. Also the chorus choreography is too Beyonce at times. But it's still on previews (moving to the West End in June) so they have time to fix it.

We left thinking: Our low expectations were smashed out of the water. It ended up bring one of the best movie adaptations I've seen.

Rating: An unexpected, but well deserved 7.5 / 10.


  1. So good to hear. I wasn't impressed with the songs I heard previewed. But glad to hear it works on stage. I was gutted to have to leave London before it opens there.
    - Kinloch