Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Wonderland

One Sentence Summary:   Alice is 30 with a daughter now and ends up back in Wonderland for an adventure so bland it makes Disney made-for-TV look like Shakespeare.

Trivia:   Stars Kate Shindle (Vivienne from Legally Blonde) as the Mad Hatter. Also the costumes are by Susan Hilferty who did Wicked. They're great, but you can tell the producers had no vision of their own for how Wonderland should look, so they just stole from Oz.

Kate Shindle as the Mad Hatter.

Best thing about it:   The cast. Only in New York can a show this bad get a cast this good.

What they could work on:   The book is awful. I've seen better scripts written by children's pastors at Auckland Baptist Churches. It states the obvious and does absolutely nothing else. There were audible groans from the audience at least a dozen times.

We left thinking:   "How can a show we hated already at half time have managed to get so much worse by the finale! The opposite of Wicked, this show would be nothing without it's source material. I give it a month. That's if it ever makes it out of previews."

Verdict: Avoid this show. 2.5 / 10

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